Individual Project
Sep-Dec 2014
Interaction Design, App Prototype

Problem Statement

We all have some passion/interest that we love so much, that we wish to share it with others. And we can’t stop talking about it. So why not find someone who shares that passion. It is always easier for people to connect with others on common grounds, and helps them feel welcomed. The idea is to help people find such communities. The solution should help students find meet up groups and events based upon their interest. It would also be helpful for those organising the groups or events to reach a wider audience in a more organized way.

The information should be easily accessible, and easily discoverable but should not be enforced or interfering (the current mailing system, everyone receives a mail whether interested or not).


Primary User : Students of University of Michigan

Secondary User : People who would like to broadcast information to university students.

Functional Requirements

The functional requirements of the application evolved during the ideation and the competitive analysis phase.

  • The user should be able to select his interests.
  • The app should be able to show the users the events happening around him based on his interests.
  • The user should be able to search, filter or RSVP for events.
  • The user should be able to view events on the map.

Design Process


Mark Newman

Mark is a CS student at the University of Michigan and is very tech savvy. Started the Mobile Developer League on campus, that hosts workshops with hands-on training on various topics. Mark already has a job secured at Facebook and likes to use the fact to make social connections. He is a regular at any technical event on campus.


  • Learn and teach new skills.
  • Hosts technical workshops. Looking for a better way to communicate with the members of his organization and to attract new students.

Martha Kent

Martha has been living in Ann Arbor for the last 10 years and is known for her helping nature. She runs a small volunteer organization that helps the unprivileged and organizes events related to the same. But over the past few years, she is not getting much help from the community. Usually relies on paper pamphlets for advertisements. Recently started using the web but doesn’t know how to reach interested students at the University of Michigan to take part in volunteer work.


  • Wants to popularize her volunteer organization..
  • Find volunteers for different events

Bella Swan

Bella is new in Ann Arbor and is having a hard time making friends. She has just shifted here and does not know how to spend her free time. When she is free on campus, she usually goes to the library to read. Most of the people she knows on camps are not much into reading and she is usually not able to find a common ground to start a conversation. Misses events on campus, because usually she doesn’t know about them. She is not able to find job on campus, lives on a tight budget.


  • Looking for people who like to read.
  • Info about events with free food.

Competitive Analysis

There are three competitors in the space that I was trying to target, and the motive behind the study was to find out what worked for them and what didn't. During the analysis, I found that each of the platform presented features that were different from the rest but were lacking in some respect.


  • For desktop and mobile.
  • Very active community. Diverse events.
  • Strong recommendation system.
  • Anyone can create page and start making events.
  • Allows RSVP for events.
  • Tell a friend(share on scial media)


  • Bad design.
  • Either a better search or categorization is required.
  • Provide a seperate bio for joining each group.
  • To many pages that don't usually serve their purpose.

Maize Pages


  • Comprehensive list of Organizations and events on campus.
  • Easy to add events to Google calender. Easy integration.
  • Organization level pages to follow for events.


  • No mobile app.
  • Outdated interface.
  • Search results are ordered in a bizarre fashion.
  • Not a proper notification system. Just a mailing system.

UMich Events


  • Beautiful interface.
  • Allows viewing events on maps but not on Google Maps.
  • Users can flag events.
  • Provides RSS feed.
  • Search is detailed. Filters provide great control over search results.
  • Sharing on social media.


  • No mobile app.
  • No pages for organizations creating events.
  • Cannot subscribe to any organization. Have to visit site regularly to avoid missing any event by your favourite organizations.
  • Contact us does not allow you to mail but feedback option does.

Questions Options & Criteria (QOC)

QOC was used to identify the possible design issues in achieving the desired functionality and the various ways in which those problems could be addressed.

Paper Prototyping

I followed paper prototyping to set up a general flow of the application. It helped me to finalize the structure of the application and the way different functional islands will combine together to create the flow of the application.

Rapid Prototyping

I follow rapid prototyping religiously because it helps me to showcase the idea in all it's glory. The app did not have a name till the first iteration. The user feedback also suggested that inspite of an onboarding process, it was difficult for them to conceptualize the working of the app. People could not understand how Groups and Interests were tied together. This led to a re-evaluation of the functioning of the app and resulted in a better model.

Final Prototype

The final prototype was built using Invision. The link below works best on larger mobile handsets and desktops.

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