Individual Project
Aug-Sep 2012
App Development, Visual Design

JustIn was a windows 8 app that I created using html and javascript. JustIn was a news aggregator app that collected news from sources that the user choose. I created the app in 2 weeks, working on it after my office hours. The idea of the app is same as that of Flipboard(I was a fan of the previous version of the app) and Pulse on Android and iOS, however no such app existed on Windows 8 at the time.

Name and Logo

Since the app was aimed at new content being updated in realtime, I felt that the name should highlight this property. The other alternatives were usually related to the aggregator function of the app, and the app was initially called "One". The idea was to think of the app as your one destination for all your daily news. I did not want the word "feed" to be used in the name of the app even though it was a big part of the theme. So instead I decided to use the rss feed symbol in the app icon. When I came up with the title "JustIn" after one of my usual long walks, it was instinctive that I use the "J" in lowercase.It would allow the use of the rss symbol emanating from the dot, as well as act as the icon of the app.

Functional Requirement

  • The app should present categories of news sources to the user.
  • The user should be able to select and deselect news sources.
  • The app should fetch rss feed from the sources and present the latest news items on the home screen.
  • Once the items are fetched, they should be stored in the database(unimplemented).



App Walkthrough

To see more of my work, click on the link below to visit my Github profile.

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