A2 Data Dive

Group Project
Oct-Nov 2014
Data Modification, Data Visualization

The A2 Data Dive was a weekend workshop event where the goal was to educate people about the process of understanding data and finding trends in the data using visualization techniques. Each team is allotted a client which provides it's data for the team to work upon.

Our team adopted a systematic approach, we

  • analyzed the data,
  • communicated with the client to find their expectation from the data,
  • figured out the questions that may be answered by the data,
  • tried to finalize our approach for the workshop, because we were expecting an audience with a diverse skill-set.


Ozone House

Ozone House helps young people lead safe, healthy and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services. Their goals with A2D2 are to: identify crisis line trends across months and years, relating to time of call, caller age, presenting issue/concern, outcome of call, and more; use the data to improve their service provision for homeless, runaway and high-risk youth; identify potentially engaging ways to display their data; and identify gaps in the data.


The prelimnary task was to understand the data and to come up with research questions that we thought that the data could answer. It was important to finalize the end goal (a webpage with visualizations) becuase that would dictate the tools we used and the tasks we needed to perform on the data to get it into the shape that our tools required. Because we were using community data we opted for open source technologies, because a lot of people attending the workshops might not have access to many softwares that make the process really easy.

  • Data Cleaning : The cleaning process involved looking for disparities in data of different years and eliminating such disparities without changing the data or it's meaning.
  • Data Manipulation : The manipulation process involved data aggregation and operating mathematical functions on the data based upon the requirements.
  • Data Visualization : Visualizations were created using NVD3.js.

End Product

The end product was a webpage as planned where we displayed the visualizations. We divided the workshop time and tried to walk the participants through the entire process that we followed, throwing in some hands-on exercises. Below is a short video of the final output.

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