Calendar Redesign

Individual Project
Nov-Jan 2015
UI Motion Design, Visual Design

I started the Google Calendar Redesign project last November, because I felt that the interactions were not intuitive. When I envision the calendar, I think of a very simple interface that works with gestures which are easy to relate to and present the information in a manner that is easier to understand and interpret. Then, Android L came along, and it was amazing! But I still had those ideas in my head and I decided to go ahead with the redesign anyway.

The redesign follows the material design closely but not fully and might even violate some principles. The idea was to look at existing interactions in a new light.

App Interactions

Main Screens

Functional Changes

  • Monthly View has dots that signify the number of events on a particular day and the dots are coloured based upon the event colour.
  • The Weekly View has a concise list of events clearly separated into groups depending on the time of the day.
  • The Day View has a timeline in the centre instead of the side. The events are laid together on both the sides and optimises space as events that require more space to be displayed are shifted to the side with lesser space occupied instead of dividing the space.
  • The interactions to navigate between views are more aligned to real world interactions. You expand the Week View by Pinch and Zoom. The Month View slides up to reveal the Week View.
  • Users have the ability to add events at any time on the day view timeline instead of half hour slots.


A lot of changes occured to the design because of the introduction of Android L and the design changes it brought to the google calendar. I have omitted some of the initial sketches because they look really bad when compared to the android L version of Google Calendar.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

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